Thinking About Thinking

Thinking About Thinking

How the Brain Creates Your World Automatically

Bonnie Nack Ed. D.


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The present book is about your subjective experience of how your brain works. It is not about the contents of thinking; there are hundreds of books written about that. Neither is it about neurology or psychology. It is about your own subjective experience of how your brain is automatically processing your experience and automatically creating your reality. This book is about learning to recognize the mistakes your brain makes while it functions automatically; it is about learning to recognize and control what your brain is doing instead of you merely going along for the ride believing that what your brain does automatically is who you are.


Bonnie Nack Ed. D.:
Bonnie Nack Ed.D. worked as a psychologist in a community mental health center for twenty five years. During that time she worked with patients and developed programs and services for them and the community. She has studied A Course in Miracles for twenty years and written many articles for "Miracle Magazine," and two books; "Unlocking the Secret of Miracles," and "Becoming a Miracle Worker."