God Said, “Live!”

God Said, “Live!”

Harvey J. Morgan


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Noticing an abnormal weakness in his body, author Harvey J. Morgan decided to seek medical attention. After blood work, the initial diagnosis confirmed his worst fear: a form of leukemia. He was an active pastor, father, and grandfather, raised dairy calves, and was known as a man of faith.

While preparing to visit specialist doctors at a university hospital, Morgan felt impressed to cling to Ezekiel 16:6. After conferring with the medical team and given his sixty-four-year-old age and available treatment options, the future seemed unclear: five percent recovery rate with minimum life expectancy. Holding onto faith and leaning on the support of family and friends, he was unable to complete the prescribed treatment, but God performed the improbable.

God Said, “Live!” details Morgan’s faith-filled battle through the dark days and nights of treatment and recovery. Seven years later, he continues to encourage others to trust God and hold onto His word. He relays his epic story of faith versus fear, hoping to inspire others to seek to overcome and live.


Harvey J. Morgan:

Harvey J. Morgan has been a pastor, mentor, and church worker. He is a father, grandfather, and man of faith.