The Cesspool

The Cesspool

Joseph A. Melton


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If asked, would you say that you are a “good person?” What if someone were to tell you that no human ever born is good. Would you be interested in knowing why?

What if someone were to tell you that all of mankind, with the exception of one, is born sinful and evil by nature, hell bound by default. Would you be interested? Would you be concerned that you too have been born hell bound by default?

We have all been deceived! We are led to believe that we are “good people,” and therefore heaven bound when we die. Not so! We have all been born covered in the foulness of sin and rebellion, separated from God, and hell bound by default. We are all born into a cesspool of evil and sin. In the cesspool, evil and terrible things exist, murder, rape, child abuse, adultery, sexual perversion, depression, anxiety, suicide, theft, blasphemy, anger, lies, betrayal, and so much more!

While we are still in the cesspool ourselves, we are counted among those evils in the eyes of God. We go through our daily lives blissfully or willfully unaware that the cesspool really exists.

We have a feeling deep in our hearts that something is wrong, but we do not know what it is, or what it means for us. It is the stench of the cesspool! The goal? Keep us blind to the reality that the cesspool exists until our last breath, when it is too late!

We are all born and raised in the cesspool, though foul, disgusting, and evil as the cesspool is, it seems completely normal to us. We cannot understand that it even exists or how nasty and evil the cesspool is; unless we get out and look back for ourselves.

We cannot get out of the cesspool under our own power. Even those of us who consider themselves “good people” were still born in the cesspool. We are stuck in the cesspool, and there is only one way out…Jesus Christ!

For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)