Net Force: Kill Chain

Net Force: Kill Chain

Jerome Preisler


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A remote Maine island becomes the setting for a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in the Net Force novella KILL CHAIN.

Natasha Mori and Bryan Ferrago work for the Net Force Cyber Squad, an elite government agency created to lead the charge against America’s online enemies. They’ve traveled to Maine’s coast for a project to study extreme weather forecasting—and hopefully enjoy a little vacation.

But someone from Natasha’s past has followed them and, as a hurricane approaches, sees a chance to take her out of commission permanently. A team of elite biotech-enhanced mercenaries has been assigned to eliminate her and any witnesses on the island.

Stranded in the storm of the century, cut off from all help, Natasha and Bryan must now find a way to escape her hunters—or become part of their murderous kill chain.