Lean into Plants

Lean into Plants

100+ Simple & Delicious Primarily Plantbased Recipes Designed for Weight Loss and Fueling Your Body

Candace Feldman


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In the 1980s, Dr. T. Colin Campbell introduced the world of nutrition science to the term "plant-based diet" to define a low fat, high fiber, vegetable-based diet. Three decades later, living a plant-based lifestyle includes people who have reduced their animal-derived consumption, becoming more aware that eating primarily plant-based foods nourishes your whole self; body, mind and spirit. “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” Hippocrates, the father of medicine


Candace Feldman:
Candace Feldman is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach. After years of being brainwashed by the DIE-T industry, Candace developed chronic digestive problems, hormonal, inflammation and anxiety issues. She made a decision to treat her issues by following a primarily plant-based eating plan. Largely anti-inflammatory, Candace’s flavorful, nutrient-dense recipes empower you to eat foods that can heal and restore you to a healthy weight and vibrant health. Candace lives in No. California with her husband Lee, and their furbabies.