The God's Game Chronicles

The God's Game Chronicles


Darby Guay


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Incredible hardship builds powerful character. Ulax, Pomtant, and Mirene were all from different worlds, and such has been their lot. They are all pieces in a game which supersedes all others, albeit unknowingly. The struggle to grow into adulthood is extreme. The cast of adversaries is long. The Authority, Ultamax, the Thorne and the Folknar, the Mother, and the Little Princess. Only with the help and guidance of their counterparts are they to ever reach the stage where they can attain what means most – freedom. Apottomax, Manax, and Shadow, with one another, are all that stands between them in the complexity we call life. Magic is king of the universe. Those who control it rule with it. Some seek to destroy it, others to attain it. The Ascension to the stage of God's Game is long and filled with space, sex, mortal combat, struggle, strife, lust, and inevitability. Fantastic beasts, mages, different worlds, and life and death are the deal of the day. Who will survive to play God's Game?