Is there a Pet Heaven?

Is there a Pet Heaven?

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Jeffrey C. Hobson


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It is the one question that has been asked of every animal lover and pet owner of those beloved creatures that have not become just critters of the house but actual family members. They are creatures that have been an integral part of the family fabric. What happens after these incredible critters depart this world? Is there life after death for them? Finally, an author who dares to be different and finally answers the one question that has been asked in every church, in every city, in every state in America and perhaps throughout the world. The author takes both a humorous and foundational approach to the question. Believe me, this book will make you laugh. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter what denomination or spiritual value you hold. Jeffrey C. Hobson gives you an answer that is in keeping with every faith-based religious value system and confirms what we already know to be true. The book is designed to prepare you in advance with tips. It is designed to make you laugh. It is designed to bring great joy to your family. Additionally, free of charge and included in the purchase of this book is a family study guide at the back of the book. The study guide is designed to bring complete and impactive closure that will build very strong family bonds. The study guide and tips are worth the price of admission alone and create family ties that will not be broken and can't be bought. This book will put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and bring a lifetime of inspiration. I can honestly say that if you have a pet and/or are an animal lover, you will not go wrong buy purchasing this book. It is especially true if you want to build permanent family bonds. It will assist you in dealing with a very difficult topic and bring your family around to full and complete discussions. You can expect smiles in the midst of those tears.