He is Alive

He is Alive

Science Finds Jesus

John S. Carpenter


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When science set forth to explain the historical evidence and miraculous events attributed to the existence of Jesus, it expected to find hoaxes, a lack of evidence, and nothing substantial to support a supernatural belief in God. What skeptical scientists did discover actually validates the beliefs of Christians. And what they could not explain also added even more support for Christian faith. The historical accounts, eyewitness testimonies, and miraculous artifacts provide overwhelming proof that something supernatural and heavenly is in contact with mankind. Join John Carpenter, a psychiatric therapist, on his logical investigation into the divine realm of miraculous evidence through the startled eyes of disbelieving medical and scientific researchers. The amazing conclusions from their professional examinations suggest that Jesus Christ must truly be alive and impacting our lives today. As with Carpenter's first book, Be Not Afraid to Follow the Footprints from Heaven, be not afraid of having your current assumptions about God challenged by this historical evidence, now under the scrutiny of today's science. Open your mind for this fascinating and inspirational journey.