The Bridge

The Bridge

Tina Glishich


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The Bridge is a true story of a young woman's journey out and back into a war-consumed Sarajevo. It all started in April 1992, when in a couple of hours, she and her children found themselves uprooted from anything they've known. In an attempt to understand why things happen as they do, she questions her values and searches for a new meaning in her life. After a couple of years of being a refugee, she finds herself waiting to cross the Bridge, which stands between two enemy sides. As she faces doubts about her journey, she meets with people who share their amazing and heartbreaking experiences. That is how The Bridge becomes a layered and rich tapestry woven from stories of different and often controversial cultures, religions, customs, and values. Although at that time it is a place that divides people, the author is reminded that the Bridge is also a symbol of human struggle and growth.