Bell's Diary 3rd Grade

Bell's Diary 3rd Grade

Julie Mayer


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Bell is a young dragon in the third grade of a one-room school. Its crowded, but the two schoolteachers work together to teach all the students. An assignment is given to the third grade through the twelfth grade to write a diary when they are caught up with their other schoolwork. Bell writes about her days in the magically hidden land of Whimamity. There, dragons and persons live together in a community that works and plays together. They work together on problems that come up like what to do about the school; it's getting to small for all the students. They have fun at holidays a time when all of Whimamity celebrates in the festivities. Some of the dragons don't fully understand what the holidays are about, but the persons of the land enjoy having the dragons there. Sometimes, Bell writes about the adventures she has in her imagination where she creates her own fun in a little world of her own. Bell writes of her fears mostly of flying, can she keep herself from accidentally getting taken by the wind, and if she does, are the knights close enough to help her down? And what is going on with the gates? What does it mean? Who is the gates for, the Whimamitians or for the outside? Can the fairies fix it? The life of a young dragon in and out of school. The fears, the fun, and the wonder of all a young one can go through in the third grade.