Gerald J J. Stalter


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Sorry that I'm gay! Sorry that my grammar can't be better. Sorry you can't see them too. Sorry for being your son. It will start when the man flies his plane in the land of ash. What if you could travel with the dirt after throwing it in that grave? After seventeen years he feels like he had blown out thirty-nine candles. Through learning to bury his father's thoughts, Freddie Waters must face them again. With his rebellious affairs taking heed, this teens world is going to take a turn tenfold. Levitating him into a mysterious situation he must unlock with a disappearing key. Charting onto unknown lands finding out he not only can walk with the living but can travel with the deeply departed. Two chairs sitting in the river facing the opposite way. Two boys sit not seeing each other as they talk to each other with a can and string. That's how William Starr must act as he is fooled where he can't see with the scarf over his eyes, waiting for his paper prince to take it off. Finding ways to talk to Freddie in secret as his brother didn't approve those two knowing each other. With time that too shall pass as love always finds away. Together they find they need each other more than ever as they figure out the truth behind what their families desperately tried to hide. Walking with both sides' crowns Freddie prince of the dark fantasy war. Thing is he doesn't know it. Follow along as he tells his side to a three-sided coin. Will he take the fiddlers dare?