Be a Canine Midwife

Be a Canine Midwife

Rita Gatewood


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Throughout the years of creating toy schnauzers (under twelve inches tall), discovering their mating rituals was so awesome. Through research, I conclude that people have been preforming duties as canine midwives for centuries, and they didn't realize that was what they were doing As far as I know, no one had written about this level of care and love for canines. My most exciting discovery was the canine mating dance. The most profound discovery was realizing that there is a direct relationship between the number times a pair mates to the exact number of times the dam pauses in between delivery, where each time she rests. This relationship is what I called whelping Pattern. Each time the dam has one or more pups then rests is what I call birth set. I just wish that I had video recorded everything. Seeing is so much more exciting than reading.