Facts and Fancy

Facts and Fancy

Acadia Mount Desert Island - Revised and Updated Version

Jean Marie Ivey


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What They're Saying About Facts and Fancy . . . Thanks to a mother-daughter writing team, there is now on the bookshelves a truly sensible guide to the history, trivia, places, and things on Mount Desert Island . . . I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have to admit I learned a lot of things about Acadia and MDI that I never knew. -Hale G. Joy, The Ellsworth American A wonderful little volume . . . well done and much needed. -Duane Pierson, Friends of Acadia Catches, as well as a small, practical (but pleasing) booklet can, and better than any guide I've seen, the Island's story and character. -Patricia Ranzoni, Maine in Print As a fifth-generation summer person and a full-time resident for 20-plus years of Mount Desert Island, I thought I was well-versed on the history, lore, and contemporary features of the area. But I learned a number of interesting bits of information in Ivey and Lee's attractive little pocketbook, Facts and Fancy . . . This would be the perfect book to have on hand when visitors come for a weekend's stay, and you find yourself barraged with questions you really should know the answers to but don't . . . Nan Lincoln, The Bar Harbor Times