God's Pen

God's Pen

Harry C. C. Smith


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God's Pen (forthcoming) is my fourth book. The testimonies I wrote for this book speaks to my life experiences and my recovery from both alcohol and cigarette addition. The poetry I wrote for this book continues to speak about my special relationship with Jesus Christ, my life experiences and the experiences of others. I am inspired by life, people, and nature. I believe my poetry will be both uplifting and inspirational to all who read it, and it's my hope that my book will be treasured and passed on to others. The best of the materials found in my other books, Articulated Emotions, Spiritually Stimulated, and Expressions of Deep Emotions have been incorporated into this book. My books have received notable reviews from the Military Writers Society, and USABooknews of the best of 2006 National Book Award. My fourth book speaks to my special relationship with Jesus Christ, my testimonies, religion, nature, spiritual and inspirational thoughts. In addition, these people inspired me to write about them: My pastor, Dr. Kenneth Lee Samuel, President Barrack and Michelle Obama, Dr. Martin Luther and Coretta King, Rosa Parks, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, JFK, Maya Angelo, and Congressman John Lewis.