A Collection of Inspiring and Anointed Christian Plays

A Collection of Inspiring and Anointed Christian Plays

Merilyn Fennell


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The first play God inspired me to write, Like Father, Like Son, made grown men weep openly in the congregation. It was a play about a man causing his son to be left in the rapture. Sometimes a program for our church would be due in two weeks, and my mind would be blank. I would take pen and paper in hand and tell God, You know and I know I can't do this. He authored all my plays like taking dictation. I would sit down at my dining room table and wait for God. When the anointing came, I could write eighteen to twenty pages without stopping and know every character for each part. I never wanted to take glory from him and at the times the applause for me bothered me, until one night as people began to applaud, I felt all the applause come straight toward my heart and stopped midair, and immediately the praise went straight up to God-letting me know he was receiving the glory and honor for all the plays. Very interesting and unique plays that would be make wonderful Christmas movies-whatever God wants to do with them. So many, many souls were won to God-different things causing hopes to so many people. So amazing. So wonderful to be called a soul winner.