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Marlowe answered his phone, "MD." "Is this Marlowe?" the caller asked. "Yes," he answered. "This is Belle. I work with Doc, he said he can see you next Thursday, at noon. The cost is fifty dollars." Marlowe was silent for a few seconds. He still needed to convince Alva it was the right thing to do; but he didn't want to put it off any longer. Sighing, he said to Belle, "Tell Doc next Thursday, is good. We'll be there at noon." Hanging up the receiver, Marlowe thought, ‘That's done, and he didn't give a damn about Alva's hysteria when he told her his plan. There was no way she was keeping this baby.' Turning his calendar to Thursday, February 9, 1941 he wrote Doc at noon and circled it. Alva had no choice but to obey him. He had called Doc the same day she told him she was pregnant. There was no changing his mind. Insufferable author, Rai Standifer, tells the story of three beautiful teenage girls: Alva, Bea, and Annie. Growing up in Detroit, their lives intertwine with the handsome debonair married florist, twenty five-year-old Marlowe Dulaine. He cultivates their hearts with his silver tongue, err-resistible charm, skillful love-making and secrets. He passionately pursued them, mind, body, and soul. With sweet surrender Marlowe steals their hearts, their innocence, their joy! Life for them becomes Insufferable. Although fiction, Insufferable' life-line, comes from stories Annie shared with her daughter, Tony Rai. Stories about her teenage years raised in a Christian home by her father, Reverend Oden and his sister, her beloved Mother Sims with her two older brothers, Oden Jr. and Vernon. Insufferable written as a tribute to Annie is for the young and hopeful millennials, and all others who believe true love never fails, it prevails. To those unsung remarkable women and men who by the love and grace of God have found the strength to overcome the pain and suffering of abusive love, Insufferable celebrates you!