Of God, by God, for You, His People

Of God, by God, for You, His People

A Believing Disciple


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Of God, by God, for You, His People explains how Moses taught people who could not read or write. He provided language for them to expand their thinking to four dimensions. He told them who God is, what he does, and how to grow as his children to be as he is. Moses uses metaphors of the physical environment to present rock-solid principles and knowledge a person needs to become as God our Father. Life is the classroom to which we should apply these rock-solid principles. This process is called the Way. Often people are baptized into God's family and then are not informed specifically what we as children are to do to grow up and what we as adults are to do. Moses's metaphors are very clear once God's plan is explained. This book covers that plan for any individual who desires to do what God says, knowing what to do and how to do it.