What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary

What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary

James R. Black


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Finally! Here is useful wisdom, support and practical material offering both inspiration and sermon ideas. It is written conversationally with a combination of the author's personal honesty and humor. Why not enjoy yourself as you learn how to avoid a lot of pain and problems that lie all around you in the parish? It is actually a "survival kit" for doing ministry well. This easy to read and understandable essay offers so many useful, everyday ideas you can have and offer your people for their encouragement and for more faithful discipleship. They will wonder how you got to be so wise and smart in so few years! It will empower you to face and deal successfully with so many things that pop up and make demands on you. In short, you will be equipped to avoid a lot of pain and stress as well as find personal strength neither to rust out nor burn out. What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary will empower you to remain in your labors and not fall into depression or be tempted to leave your High Calling. "Though written in an accessible, conversational style, this book addresses a problem that is at the forefront of discussions about theological education today: how do we prepare individuals for the practical challenges that they will face in ministry. What do ministers wish they had learned in seminary? On one hand it is a practical guide for ministers - valuable reading for students and graduates alike. On the other, it is a gift to people and institutions called to train ministers - like an extensive answer to an exit survey for seminary graduates, but with a lifetime of experiences to draw upon. What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary is a book that every seminary student, every seminary graduate, and every seminary library should own." Dr. Christopher Richardson, Head Seminary Librarian, Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, Va.