Precious Folly

Precious Folly

Ace Remas


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When a Paiute Indian woman asks a Buddhist monk if she can "steal" Bodhichitta, she instantly becomes a spiritual guide for the monk and his prized disciple Daniel. Bodhichitta-the effort to perfect oneself for the sake of others-is the most refined of Buddha's instructions. The Native American woman demonstrates how this Buddhist maxim is an accurate description of the Paiute state of mind. As a result of her theft, an entourage of tech-savvy San Francisco millennials, Daniel, and the Buddhist monk set out to convince one of the world's largest corporations, the state of Nevada, and the EPA to right a wrong inflicted upon the Earth Mother of the Paiutes. From the cloistered Buddhist meditation center in San Francisco, Daniel, the monk, and members of the Buddhist community learn Buddha's real intention was to jump into the world and not separate from it for personal benefit. Their efforts inspire valid spiritual realizations that help them to adjust their lives according to the reality of the present moment and the power of the wisdom teachings of Buddha.