Dragonfly Dreams

Dragonfly Dreams

Tim Veryzer


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If you liked Rod Serling's 'Twilight Zone' you will like 'Dragonfly Dreams'. You will go on journeys through the dark and ominous Dead-Stream swamp, and to a distant planet where cattails grow to be three miles high. Tan, blue stripped giant beetles the size of elephants and mysterious Indians who turn into green balls of light, called Bear-Walkers, will appear before your eyes. You will travel on a wooden sailing ship the 'Marie Celeste' which was found with the table set for breakfast and the Captain along with his wife and child, as well as the crew all mysteriously vanished. These journey's are woven into the tapestry of 'Dragonfly Dreams'. As you embark on your journey through strange and unkown places and bizarre phenomenon remember the words of William Shakespeare "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, my dear Horatio, than man has dreamt of in his philosophy". Bunny and I will give as much money as we can from the sale of 'Dragonfly Dreams' to the Humane Society.