Something Stinks and It Ain't Fish, The Flatulent Chronicles

Something Stinks and It Ain't Fish, The Flatulent Chronicles

Jerry Lapidos


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Something Stinks was written as a parody on Life. This book took almost 4 decades to complete and was conceived when I was a kid growing up in NYC. As a New Yorker, mass transit is as much a part of life as toilet paper. If you've ever rode the subway you would know that the smells are sometimes to die for. These horrible smells forged the inspiration for Something Stinks. What makes the book so fascinating is that it is pure innocence and funny at the same time. It makes the reader smile, think and reflect back in time as how each and every one of us was at some time caught in flatulent situations. These flatulent encounters affected how we treated others and how those situations affected our development as we grew up. Something Stinks is the ultimate table top reader while at the same times suitable for the bathroom. Can you imagine that - a piece of literature that fits into your living room and bathroom at the same time. Wow! The book though not political takes on air pollution and smells from syngas generated by flatulation. The book makes a joke of gas while we all understand the importance of the subject. Something Stinks is a book for everyone because we all do it. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did in writing it. I wish you all a great day with horrible smells. Just a side note; take a moment to breathe in the air and ask: Is it you or someone else?