Interview of Aphrodite

Interview of Aphrodite

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Beware of Karma, for she bites twice. Jordan was relieved to be covering a more interesting news piece. Unbeknownst to him, the next seventy-two hours of his life will forever be altered. He believes he is just covering another story; however, having a front-row seat of this tale will have disturbing side effects. Visions, night terrors, and a lavender tea seduction will become a reality for the young journalist. In this tale, the Grecian goddess Aphrodite has possessed a willing, abused maiden. Having yielded to the will of the goddess, the possessed plots and executes the ultimate acts of revenge. Fate has woven the life of Jordan, the possessed, and her prey together eternally. However, in the end, karma will deliver the final blow to Jordan and Aphrodite.