Jesus's Hidden Mission and Our Hidden Uniqueness

Jesus's Hidden Mission and Our Hidden Uniqueness

Stephen Bettum


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Section one: We know very little because of our limitations. Our limitations have affected all human history, especially religious and scientific. Humanity has actually succeeded because we had to act even in the midst of our ignorance. We developed hubris. Section two: Our mental evolution is different from our physical evolution and is unique to each person. We understand and can think in future time. This, our freedom and our opinions are what give us “our hidden uniqueness.” Section three: We rely on our opinions. We have very elaborate religions and sciences that are not filled with facts. We have been thinking using opinions for so long, that in our own minds, facts and opinions are equal. Our opinions are sometimes wrong. Section four: We have oversold God. We have made up absolute definitions of God and have trapped God and ourselves in these definitions. Given our real limits, we do not even have the correct words or concepts to grasp God in any significant detail. Jesus bridged the gap between God and humanity. Section five: We have undersold Jesus. The Trinity Doctrine about Jesus is wrong. This led to the “Hidden Mission of Jesus.” For this mission, Jesus needed to assume human form so that God could completely understand humanity. This is why Jesus is unique and why he changed everything in the relationship between God and each of us. Section six: This is a call for the old People of the Book to become the “People of God.” Judaism, Christianity, and Islam must realize that they are all worshiping the same God. God is not happy with them fighting and killing each other. Humanity needs to get over itself and get into a right relationship with God and with other people. Then at least humanity has a chance.