In the Heart of a Holler Girl

In the Heart of a Holler Girl

Gabriella Page


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What is it about our life that defines who we are and what we become? Often at times, others often wonder why we are the way we are or why we feel so passionately about something. People are so quick to pass judgement without knowing the secrets and darkness that lie deep within our hearts and soul. Secrets that for the good of those around us, we tend to hide deep within. We close our feelings off from the world, and force a smile because that is what society deems as normal. There is nothing normal about what I have been through. My name is Gabriella Page, and I am no longer afraid to be me. This book is my story, real and true to its entirety. For years I have searched blindly through the darkness for a ray of hope. Hope, it sounds amazing; it is not something that I have come by that easily throughout my life. For when I did, I was usually swept off my feet by betrayal. Betrayal, something that I know all too well. Come with me and share that laughter, heartache, and tears as the story unwinds and is told about a little holler girl—me —going through some of the most trying and difficult times one could ever face. I am no longer afraid and want to conceal the truth. I am ready for my story to be told. With my head held high and the secrets of my heart finally yearning to be told, I open up my heart and my past. There is so much to be told that has been hidden in the heart of this holler girl, and so it begins . . .