The Demons Within

The Demons Within

Andrew Gardner


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Run! I scream to myself inside my head, anything to get me to move. I stand paralyzed, frozen to the ground. I see oft in the distance the shadowy figure drawing nearer to me. My heart skips a beat, and I panic. I have to run, but I can’t. I watch as the figure pulls closer. He is nearly upon me. Finally, in a last-second action of self-preservation, I turn and begin to flee, running as quickly as my feet can carry me yet losing ground to this entity. I feel my legs starting to give out. I crash hard to the ground, and I turn over; it’s upon me. I fight back with everything I can muster. This battle is too important to lose. The entity is so strong, so powerful, I feel as though I’m losing this fight. I can feel its evil starting to overtake me. I can’t give up. In a fit of bloody rage, I pull myself free from my captor and take flight again, trying to escape this force.