The Questions That Reveal Why You Were Born.

Gene Allen Hecker


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Why were you born is with out a doubt the most important question that one could ask. The whole purpose of life is caught up in the answer to that question! We are not like some little ant farm down here that God is toying with. When I have posed that question to others, the usual answer is "to worship God for His pleasure"and while that is true, it's only half the answer, the other half is relationship through adoption! How that all comes about is revealed in the "why" questions posed in this book. Never, ever be afraid to ask why!


Gene Allen Hecker:
For over twenty-five years the author spent in a legalistic religious cult, not daring to ask questions about the various beliefs and practices that were taught, for fear of dis-fellowship and lose of salvation! There finally came a time when truth became paramount and grace hungered for was realized. No more following a man and a cult! Jesus had set us free! The desire for truth welled up inside the author and so began a relentless desire to learn what the primitive church taught as they received it from the apostles and their disciples. That study has engendered all of the “why” questions that this book addresses.