Biology Stories

Biology Stories

50 Stories for Teaching and Learning Biology

Michael Tveten


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Storytelling is the easiest way to become a more effective teacher. Tying a concept to a memorable story is the best method of engaging your students and ensuring they will never forget the importance and relevance of the concept. This book contains 50 stories directly tied to content taught in biology. These stories are ready to use – read them to your students, paraphrase them in your own words, or use the information to create materials for your courses. The table of contents lists an order of topics that follows nearly every general biology textbook, with relevant stories for each topic. Stories include the Radium Girls (radiation), Genesis Burkett (osmosis), Johnny Appleseed (fermentation), Nancy Wexler and Huntington’s Disease (genetics), the first conviction based on DNA fingerprinting (biotech), when humans started wearing clothes (evolution), egret plume hats (ecology), and many more. Some of the stories can be tied to more than one concept, providing a great way to help students integrate concepts from across your curriculum.


Michael Tveten:
After numerous research jobs and 30 years in a college classroom, Mike Tveten discovered the magic of storytelling in keeping students engaged. This book follows up on the success of his first book, Imperative Narratives: Storytelling Secrets for Teachers, Staff, and Administrators.