Abigail’s Faith

Abigail’s Faith

Kids’ Faith in Christ

Deborah Marseile


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Abigails Faith is about a young princess who escapes from her family. Abigail meets a young man named Hunter, who is a man of God. She converts into a woman of God, explores, and learns about the kingdom, which is badly maintained. She goes back to her father and speaks in truth to change the lifestyle there. This book is about being brave, being courageous, and having faith through God and Jesus Christ.


Deborah Marseile:
Deborah marseille is talented young beautiful women of God her passion and goal is to plant seeds for The lost to do the will of the lord she loves walking and playing with her two children Hunter and Gabriel she loves reading and writing singing this book is dedicated to my son Hunter he will grow into a young strong man of God she lives in Florida. this book is definitely a unique book the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to write it has exciting story plots and a lot of exciting scenes the reader will enjoy tune in for her next series