Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff

Shannon White


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You are young! You are smart! You are full of potential! You are going to do great things in your life! You have a lot of great qualities! You believe in God! You are saved! And you live in this world full of temptations and struggles. Now what? Sometimes being saved and young is easy! Sometimes it can be tough! There is tough stuff all around you! Sometimes adults forget how challenging it can be as a saved young person. You may have school pressure, peer pressure, parent pressure, and self-pressure to do the right things while you also struggle with temptations to do wrong things. This book is to help you remember God's Word when you are living your life! It's a cheat code to help you remember to stay saved and young when you face tough stuff! Being saved doesn't have to be boring! So enjoy being young, but remember to make decisions that will make our Heavenly Father proud! You can keep this book in your pencil pouch, locker, purse, car, or even download it! Tough Stuff will give young people the opportunity to check and apply God's Word about tough and taboo topics as they navigate their life in a successful, saved, and satisfying way!


Shannon White:
Shannon is a lover of Jesus, wife, mom of two, licensed professional school counselor for 250 students, youth mentor for 10 years, motivational speaker, and author! Through her time working with youth professionally and personally, Shannon has been able to merge her love of Christ and kids to help parents set their child up for success, both naturally and spiritually, through candid conversations and retaining Scriptures. Children have retained Scriptures within 60 days, uninterested teens began to talk about God and invite others to church within three months, and student reputations have changed within two to four months. However, it all started with a kingdom conversation. Each of Shannon's books are designed to help start godly conversations with your children! So get a book to start your conversation today!