Negro Spiritual

Negro Spiritual



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Negro Spiritual is a song of spoken word heard reflecting the soul of music inside the African pride and kinship stretching from slave ship to the bop of hip hop and rhythm and blues reflecting queues whipped, chained and ordained in the darkest hues of history and the black experience. It’s a poetic journey into profiles of courage chronicling oppression, suppression and misdirection of bravery against the mental slavery brought and taught in books by hook and crooks that lied and tried to hide a people who cried inside cages throughout the pages described by cultural homicide and black genocide on the ride of the Underground Railroad of pride and perseverance adherence to the drum beat stimulating the feat the black kinship. Negro Spiritual is about the blood, sweat and tears of years spent in slavery’s winter’s wrath minus the math of a summer breeze on the backs of pleas and amalgamated songs of jazz and gospel fuse of good news and old time religion meant to dent the roof of possibility educating Afrocentric youth on the proof and poetic justice of beans and greens and cornbread fed straight to the head, heart and soul mixed in a bowl of lessons fraught, taught and bought and paid by the blood, sweat and tears of years spent entangled in the roots of racism. Negro Spiritual is the music, moments and magic of the ancestors giving rhythm and rhyme traveling through exaggerated time and extension and parallel dimension of imagination reflecting ourselves back to ourselves in rich authenticity and Afrocentricity that reflects the old time religion of a people building miracles out of thin air way beyond the snare of adversarial relationships with the truth. We can do all things through the strengths of our ancestors. We are heirs to their strengths way down the lengths of time, rhyme and sublime crimes of old time religions told traveling through aggravated dimensions of perseverance preoccupied with a stride fortified with fortitude rude to the limitations of the superficial.