Literacy Reframed

Literacy Reframed

How a Focus on Decoding, Vocabulary, and Background Knowledge Improves Reading Comprehension (A guide to teaching literacy and boosting reading comprehension)

Robin J. Fogarty, Gene M. Kerns, Brian M Pete


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Despite efforts toward literacy reform, reading growth commonly flatlines in the secondary years. In Literacy Reframed, the authors offer a game-changing new way to think about--and teach--literacy at all levels. You will gain a dynamic path forward for creating classrooms that fully support students on their literacy journeys and prepare them to become not just literate, knowledgeable citizens but also lifelong lovers of reading.

Use this resource to implement a robust, research-affirmed alternative to classroom skill work:

  • Gain a thoroughly researched background on the current issues and challenges in the world of literacy.
  • Understand how phonics gives students a foundation in decoding words and the mechanics of reading to underpin a lifetime of literacy success.
  • Grasp the necessity of immersing students in vocabulary words throughout their classroom experience.
  • Discover how background knowledge is essential to reading comprehension and becoming literate.
  • Consider the role of digital reading in a literacy-rich classroom.

Table of Contents
About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Sound of Literacy--Decoding and Phonics
Chapter 2: The Look of Literacy--Vocabulary
Chapter 3: The Knowingness of Literacy--Knowledge
Chapter 4: Digital Reading
Closing: Ready to Reframe Literacy?
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