Small Happiness & Other Epiphanies

Small Happiness & Other Epiphanies



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"Happiness starts small; learn to recognize it. It's like a weed we see every day but cannot identify." Thus begins Small Happiness, an invaluable guide to “all” of human life including such vital subjects as: decorating with books, dancing as medicine, composting, the "Slow Read Movement," how to conduct a wedding, secrets of invigorated aging (including an interview with Sparrow's 100-year-old father), the art of aroma, and self-psychoanalysis. After buying Small Happiness, you may guiltlessly burn all your previous self-help books.



Sparrow is the author of seven books, the most recent being On certain nights everyone in the USA has the same dream (Inpatient Press), a journal of his 2016 Presidential campaign. (Sparrow is also running for President in 2020.) He has been published in The New Yorker, The Sun, The New York Times, The American Poetry Review, and Reptiles of the Mind. Sparrow plays flutophone in the pro-Zoroastrian pop group Foamola. He lives in a doublewide trailer in Phoenicia, New York with his studious wife Violet Snow. Follow Sparrow on Twitter: Sparrow@Sparrow14