Using Focus Groups

Using Focus Groups

Theory, Methodology, Practice

Ivana Acocella, Silvia Cataldi


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Drawing on the authors' thirty years of combined experience in the field, this authoritative, step-by-step guide to conducting focus groups features dedicated chapters on all aspects of the research process.

Loaded with real world research examples from across the social sciences, and learning features such as 'expert advice' and 'concepts and theories' boxes, as well as and end of chapter exercises and further reading, this is the perfect manual for novice researchers who want to conduct a successful focus group.



Ivana Acocella:

Ivana Acocella is Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Florence (Italy). Since 2002, she has taught Methodology and Research Methods for
the Social Sciences. She currently teaches Sociology of Migration and Qualitative Research. Her research focuses on epistemological and
methodological assessment of qualitative research approaches.  


Silvia Cataldi is Lecturer of Sociology at the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Since her PhD, she has taught Social Sciences Research Methodology and Sociology. Her research focuses on methodological aspects of social research, public sociology and social action regimes. She is partner of many European projects and she is a board member of RN20 Qualitative Methodology of the European Sociological Association.