An Accidental Murder

An Accidental Murder

Kevin Derleth


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When Danny "Buzzkill" Cippo kills a U.S. Senator by mistake, he soon learns he's been set up, and the man he killed was not who he was contracted to kill.
Detective Clay Lennon has been assigned the case but realizes within a couple of days that there are more questions than answers regarding this case, and some of the answers don't make sense.
As Buzzkill runs for his life from multiple threats, Detective Lennon finds information about who is really involved in the murder, and how far they'll go to keep it secret.
From New York to Louisiana, Buzzkill stays one step ahead of his pursuers, while Detective Lennon runs into danger in New York when someone tries to kill him in a bar explosion. As the story comes to its riveting conclusion, both Buzzkill and Detective Lennon make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.


Kevin Derleth:
Kevin Derleth grew up in Hilton, New York. He is a retired school district employee who now lives in Florida with his wife, Marti. As a former police officer, crime scene investigator, and school safety officer, Kevin has had plenty of life experiences that have guided him to his current career as a writer, providing him plenty of material for inspiration.