Great Clients

Great Clients

Why Their Advertising Is Better Than Yours

David Ullman


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It’s no secret that most advertising is silly, irritating, and boring. Everywhere we go, irrelevant ad-noise clutters our physical and mental environments. More importantly, it simply doesn't work. If your company’s advertising doesn’t rise above the fray, you probably blame your agency—they’re not giving you their best work, or they “just don’t get it.” But consider this: you might be the problem. After nearly five decades in the advertising business, David Ullman has learned a few things about how to make effective ads. Forget the Mad Men image of a lone creative generating brilliant insights. David was on Madison Avenue in the ’60s and ’70s—that’s not how it worked then, and it doesn't work that way now. Great advertising comes from great relationships. It comes from clear communication, shared goals, and trust. And all of those start with great clients. The tips and insights in this book show exactly how to work with your agency to ensure the work they produce is the best it can be. It’s simple—learn how to be a great client, and you’ll get great advertising.