The Shaolin Kempo Handbook

The Shaolin Kempo Handbook

A Guide from White to Black Belt of the Shaolin Kempo Training Center

Marlon Anthony Wilson


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This handbook can guide and point. It cannot replace a good solid teacher. At times, I read it and think that I might have written too much; other times it seems far too general or too cryptic; yet, overall, I feel as though I have done good and it gives more than enough for a martial artist to grow and develop in body, mind, soul and martial skill. In the end it is for the reader to decide. This Handbook for the student of Shaolin Kempo holds key aspects and guidance to serve anyone seeking practical self-defense and to unlock the power of their Shaolin Kempo. I urge you to read, enjoy, question, test and practice well the material of these writings. Along the way, remember to enjoy and regularly have fun. Training is truth!