Penguins in the Wild

Penguins in the Wild

Joe McDonald


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One of the most recognizable groups of birds in the world, Penguins offer a host of surprises. Normally associated with the frigid and inhospitable continent of Antarctica, just two species are found only here. Penguins are found throughout sub-Antarctic and even cool-temperate climates, spanning the southern hemisphere from southern South America, southwestern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, and in multiple remote islands in the southern oceans. Joe and Mary Ann McDonald provide stunning images of these birds and introduces readers to most penguin species found worldwide—from the largest, the emperor penguin to the tiny fairy penguin found on the warm beaches of southern Australia, and Joe shows how these remarkable birds have conquered habitats few other species dare even visit and establish nesting colonies that may number in the hundreds of thousands. Readers will discover penguins’ life histories and their peculiarities and gain an appreciation and new understanding of these charming tuxedo-clad birds.


Joe McDonald:
Joe and Mary Ann McDonald are professional wildlife photographers with a special interest in Polar Bears and Big Cats. Joe is the author of eleven books on wildlife or wildlife photography, and Mary Ann is the author of twenty-nine children’s books. Joe and Mary spend over half the year in the field photographing, leading photo safaris, and conducting tours to worldwide destinations that typically include five continents. They currently reside in McClure, PA. Learn more at