The Global Deal

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The Global Deal

Climate Change and the Creation of a New Era of Progress and Prosperity

Nicholas Stern, James Adams


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In 2005, economist Nicholas Stern was commissioned by the British government to direct the largest study ever conducted into the scientific reality of global warming. The Stern Report, which made headlines around the world, is far and away the deepest and most far-reaching exploration into the economic and ethical consequences of this crisis—and, in particular, into the solutions for it.

In The Global Deal, Stern has taken that comprehensive and detailed report and produced a concise, vivid book that makes this critical information accessible to all. By understanding the very real risks we run if we continue business as usual, and by working together to enact a new global deal, we can not only avert catastrophe, but create a safer, more sustainable and prosperous world in the process.


Nicholas Stern:

Sir Nicholas Stern was adviser to the United Kingdom government on the economics of climate change and development from 2005 to 2007. He was also chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank. His research and publications have focused on the economics of climate change and the role of the state and economies in transition.